Fireside Stationery

Hallmark Gold Crown Store

Fireside Stationery was the last original store left in Montgomery Village! The Rollins family started it all in 1950 and got the name from the fireplace inside the store. People would buy books and sit around the fireplace to read. The Rollins built up the business for 30 years and sold it to Virginia Wing. Virginia remodeled with the designs and help of her son, Daryl Phillips and kept it growing for another 25 years. It was last owned by Nancy Kucich who worked for Virginia for over 22 years. It was situated in a well-maintained, upscale, gardenlike shopping plaza. Fireside Stationery was a Hallmark Gold Crown Store. We sold exclusive Hallmark ornaments, gifts, cards, allied gifts and office supplies. The goal of Fireside was to provide the best in Hallmark cards, quality gifts and exceptional customer service.

Nancy Kucich purchased Fireside in January of 2005. She worked there mainly in the office supply and wedding invitation order departments, and more recently in Hallmark ornaments, seasonal cards, candles & gifts. She especially enjoyed helping brides order their wedding invitations.

Nancy brought in some new popular lines including; Demdaco Willowtree Angels, Jim Shore's Heartwood, Colonial Candles, Exclusive custom Sonoma County Afghan, Mrs. Grossman's Stickers. Also, over half of the products sold are made in the USA. Among them are most of the Hallmark cards, music, videos & DVD's; Robert Janover's calendars & cards; Holly Yashi earrings; Stephanie Dawn purses; all puzzles; all afghans; Mrs. Grossman's stickers; almost all the datebooks & calendars plus many of our office supplies. Fireside also carried locally made tie-dye goods.